Thursday, July 12, 2012

Family history indexing

This image symbolizes what happened on July 2, 2012: Over 10 million records were indexed and arbitrated with the help of over 45,000 participants in a project sponsored by LDS Family History Indexing.

Here's the announcement (found at ):

Amazing! We passed the 5 million records goal in less than 16 hours and just kept going! Thank you to the 46,091 indexers and arbitrators who participated in this historic event.
Final Record Count:
  • 7,258,151 Indexed
  • 3,082,728 Arbitrated
  • 10,340,879 Total

I took part, indexing 1940 census records from Washington, DC; enlistment records from the War of 1812; and World War I draft cards from Texas.  All were fascinating.

At some point, I may explain more about my experience, as well as the meaning of "indexing" and "arbitrating" and the point of delving into these records of the past.

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